megan starr bio

Chasing the dream...

Megan Starr, has begun to make her ascent in the world of Independent Pop. Megan is driven by telling the stories we all can relate to - love, loss, triumph. With the assistance of symbolic writing and a perfect mixture of Pop elements, she's striving to share these common themes in a new way.

In 2012, Megan signed with Elah Valley Music and began recording her album, Interstellar. As of 2013, the project is finally complete. Now she invites the world to take the first step in embracing her sound.

WHAT THEY ARE SAYING... I love your music. -Jaylin M., Virginia

Now in her early twenties, Megan Starr first made her appearance on stage in her home town before thousands at the age of 14. From there, she like many other surging performers had the experience of auditioning for and moving past tough preliminary rounds for programs such as American Idol and The Voice.

It's obvious that Megan loves to perform. In fact, a live stage is where she shines the most. It's probably no surprise that someone, like Megan, who thrives on live performances, is also a huge fan of theater and the arts. So when she's not singing, you might find her fully immersed in her newest persona in a play or short film. If that wasn't enough, she still manages to carve out a bit of time for modeling.

Megan Starr is working to provide fans around the world with more than cut-and-paste music heard on every radio station. She wants to share a truly independent pop sound that will eventually become the soundtrack for the shared life experiences of her fans. Nothing too complicated - just music you love...

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